Mobile Mini® Customer Discount


20% Discount on any container rental, available to anyone who has rented a storage container from Mobile Mini in the last year (365 days), and can upload a scanned Mobile Mini rental Invoice or Contract at time of check-out!

*Offer may only be used once (1 time) per customer.  May not be combined with any other offer/promotion or discount.  20% Discount is only valid on new orders, placed online, at our standard, current (non-discounted) rate.  Subject to receipt and approval of qualifying Mobile Mini Invoice by Port-a-Store Rental Manager.  Discount only applies to rental order in which it was originally applied to, and requires account balances to be paid on time, and account kept in good-standing per contract & credit terms.  Upon default of these terms, discounted items may be reverted to current standard rate and all promotional discounts become null / void.  Call Port-a-Store today for more details.



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