40′ x 8′ Full-Size Storage Unit


Exterior – 8′ Wide x 8’6″ Tall x 40′ Deep

Door Configuration: 

(1) Set, front-load w/ easy open handle & high-security lock box

Note: Double Door Units (doors on each end) may be available, call for details



If massive amounts of storage space are what you’re after, our 40×8′ Storage units are the answer.  Weather you need to safely store an entire household, or you’re a big-box retailer, in need of seasonal storage for over-stock merchandise, Port-a-Store can deliver!


We offer our 40′ units in both Standard Height (8’6″) and “Hi-Cube” (9’6″).

We also offer models with doors at 1 end (Standard), or doors at both ends (Double Door – limited availability)

The 40′ units also feature ridged, all-steel door construction, including multi-lock door bars, easy-open handles, and a high-security lock-box. When used with the proper padlock, brute-force attacks are virtually impossible as the lock itself can’t be bumped, picked, or cut!

Aside from ulta-high security, the solid construction offers superior weather protection over ANY other mobile storage solution available.

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Product Features

  • Ground Level / Easy Access
  • Hardwood Floors / Forklift compatible
  • All-Steel Construction
  • Ultra-High Security Locking Feature
  • Industry standard size for construction, remodeling, renovation, or general storage
  • Available in an open-side configuration to easily store longer materials and increase ease of accessibility
  • Identical construction as full-size containers

Additional Services

  • Delivery to your location
  • Specialty location services (pick/set with Crane)
  • High-Security locks available for sale
  • Storage of your pod at our secure location
  • Relocation service (limited delivery radius)
  • Custom Shelving
  • Interior Lighting Available
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Mounting brackets for Signs & Banners

All of our storage pods are available for rent, or purchase!

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As with all of our units, delivery and re-location services are available weather we own it, or you do.. we’re here to help.


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We realize that in order to service large customers, you need to have inventory, capacity, and pay attention to details. Prompt, accurate delivery/pickup scheduling is critical.

Arriving with new equipment, and conducting ourselves in a safe, professional manner is the reason why some of the largest retailers and festivals trust Port-a-Store with their mission critical portable storage needs!

We take pride in what we do, and our satisfaction comes from your repeat business.