20′ x 8′ Standard Storage Container Pod


Exterior – 8′ Wide x 8’6′ Tall x 20′ Deep

Interior – 7’8″ Wide x 7’9 7/8″ Tall x 19’3″ Deep


5,050 lb. (empty)

Door Configuration: 

(1) Set, front-load w/ easy open handle & high-security lock box



The 20′ Standard storage container is a universally accepted “standard” size for typical job-sites, and larger residential remodel / restoration projects.

Offering an impressive 1,165 cu. ft. of storage capacity, the standard 20′ portable storage unit should comfortably accommodate several medium sized rooms full of household items. If your particular use is renovation / restoration, the 20′ Mobile, storage container is the ideal size suited to fit a large amount of building materials, fixtures, and tools safely and securely.

Job-site theft and vandalism are both increasing at an alarming rate. When used properly, our containers have a 100% success rate against theft, even in high-crime areas!

Many have tried to gain access, all have failed.

Our high-security locking system have successfully protected millions of dollars worth of our customer’s property.

Our 20′ Storage Pods are built to the exact same specifications (ISO) as our class-leading 40′ Ocean Containers.  It’s nearly impenetrable Corten® steel walls, heavy-duty cast corner-blocks, and ridged, solid steel frame makes this model one mighty storage unit!

It also features the same ridged, all-steel door construction as our larger models, including multi-lock door bars, easy-open handles, and a high-security lock-box. When used with the proper padlock, brute-force attacks are virtually impossible as the lock itself can’t be bumped, picked, or cut!

Aside from ultra-high security, the solid construction offers superior weather protection over ANY other storage shed or locker, and it’s ground level access makes our Standard 20′ Mobile Storage Container far superior to using trailers to store your goods.

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Product Features

  • Ground Level / Easy Access
  • Hardwood Floors / Forklift compatible
  • All-Steel Construction
  • Ultra-High Security Locking Feature
  • Industry standard size for construction, remodeling, renovation, or general storage
  • Available in an open-side configuration to easily store longer materials and increase ease of accessibility
  • Identical construction as full-size containers

Additional Services

  • Delivery to your location
  • Specialty location services (pick/set with Crane)
  • High-Security locks available for sale
  • Storage of your pod at our secure location
  • Relocation service (limited delivery radius)
  • Custom Shelving
  • Interior Lighting Available
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Mounting brackets for Signs & Banners


All of our storage pods are available for rent, or purchase!

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As with all of our units, delivery and re-location services are available weather we own it, or you do.. we’re here to help.


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