a huge selection of sizes, from scrawny to brawny!

  • 6 Foot Storage Pod Container
    6' x 6' - Yard Buddy™
  • 8 Foot Portable Storage Container Pod
    8 x 8' Super-Shed™
  • 10x8 foot Portable Storage Shed
    10 x 8' - Half-Pint™
  • 20 Foot Mobile Storage Pod
    20 x 8' - Standard
  • 20' Open-side Storage Container Pod
    20 x 8' Open-Side
  • 40 Foot Storage Pod
    40 x 8' - Standard

plenty of applications and uses!


When you need extra space, we’ll be ready to deliver your new storage pod, neat, clean, and on-time! 

Our unique approach to inventory management allows us to work directly with our factory in order to constantly cycle in brand-new storage units each year.  This approach ensures that our customers will always receive a like-new box that is clean, dry, and most importantly.. secure!

Our storage pods come with our ultra-high security multi-point locking system, so each door has multiple places where an extra lock can be added.  Additionally, each of our units come equipped with a near-impenetrable “lock-box” which keeps the lock protected against brute-force attacks, as well as sophisticated lock-picking techniques, leaving your valuables safe, secure, and well… yours.

Storage Pod lock

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