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When you fill a storage container with your valuable items, the last thing you want to see when you close the doors is light escaping from around the doors!  If light can get through, you can bet than so can water, bugs, and critters.   Do you want your valuable items to share a storage container with a hungry family of mice, looking for a nice place to bed down for the winter?  (neither do we).

Our Storage Containers are purpose built to have all 4 edges of each door create a nearly air-tight seal (as per ISO 1496-1 Standard).

This standard was written for the sole purpose of building cargo containers that could withstand the rigors of being loaded & unloaded onto cargo ships, trains and trucks, fully loaded with 10’s of thousands of pounds of cargo without leaking, or allowing critters to enter and potentially destroy valuable cargo!

They are built to be able to be stacked 9 units high, fully-loaded (over 75 ft tall!) and be transported across oceans, through storms, getting pounded by highly corrosive salt water, wind, rain, snow, and STILL arrive at it’s destination, dry, sealed, and secure.

Isn’t this the type of box that you want to store YOUR valuables inside of?


Port-a-Store Portable Storage Container

Price Compare

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Milwaukee, WI

Business Ownership


Family Owned / Local (Wisconsin Based)

Container Overview


  • Steel Intermodal Shipping Container
  • Built to ISO Standards
  • Intended for global intermodal cargo transport

Size / Interior Space


  • 20′ x 8′
  • Approx 1360 cubic feet

Door Seals / Security


Port-a-Store Storage Container Door (closed)

Weather Proofing


  • Welded Seams
  • Rubber Door Gaskets
  • Door Seals (all 4 edges)
  • High-Pressure Waterjet tested to ISO 1946 Specification
  • No leaks at completion of test
  • Suited for Cargo Transport acrossed open oceans

Door Features / Security


  • 3 (or 4) “Draw-Tight” Steel Door Bars
  • Each with seperate, Exterior Locking Point
  • 1 solid steel, ultra high-security, vandal proof lock box
  • Minimum 9 points of contact with frame of container
  • Minimum 5 locking points


  • Solid Cast Steel
  • Recessed (to limit tampering / damage)
  • Structural hinges w/limited exterior exposure
  • 4 per door (Minumum 8 Per Unit)

Construction Standards

  • Compliant w/ISO 1496-1 Standard
  • Designed & Built for (Intermodal) Over-Seas transport
  • Stackable up-to 9-high (fully loaded)


  • Solid Hardwood Tongue & Groove
  • Suitable to hold weight of forklift including load

Weight Capacity (gross)

62,150 lb. Capacity